Contact lists, made easy.

We help businesses in the hospitality industry to build and maintain COVID-19 contact lists.

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GDPR compliant contact lists with COVID-19 exposure alerts.

We’ve made it easy to build and maintain GDPR compliant COVID-19 contact lists for your pub, bar, restaurant or venue, with a dashboard that makes sending COVID-19 alerts easy.

Create an account

To get started, you’ll need to create a business account with FORTYEIGHT, where you’ll provide a few basic details like the name and address of your venue.

Display check-in signage

We’ll provide you with a venue starter pack that includes signage to be displayed outside your premises, informing guests of how to check-in using their mobile.

You’re done! Back to business.

Guests can check-in by themselves, leaving your staff to focus on providing a great experience. If you need to send a COVID-19 alert, its just a few clicks away.

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From the local pub, to the national restaurant chain.

We have made it easy for businesses of all sizes to meet their COVID-19 contact list requirements, without the hassle. Whether you’re Mary the local pub landlord or Shramik the national CEO, we have it covered.

GDPR Compliant

No hardware required


Same-day setup


Easy-to-use, no download required.

We’ve made it easy to check-in to a venue, and manage lists from anywhere.


Mobile web check-in

Our mobile friendly website makes check-in easy with just a few taps of your screen.


SMS check-in

No internet? That’s OK, just send a 6 digit code via SMS to sign-in.


Instant check-in confirmation

Each guest receives an instant check-in confirmation via email and SMS, making it easy to confirm they’re on your contact list.

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Data breaches


Global uptime




Integrate your existing guest management platform.

Our Enterprise API makes it easy to integrate with existing reservation, appointment booking and event management systems.

Making your guests feel good, too.

It’s crucial to build trust with your customers, ensuring they feel confident in how you will handle their personal data and that it won’t be misused.

“I’m always cautious about sharing my data when I think it might be used for advertising. FORTYEIGHT gave me confidence in secure contact lists.”

Jess, Bristol, UK.

Our pricing is incredibly simple and scaleable.

We make it easy and affordable for businesses to build and maintain easy to use COVID-19 contact lists.

£ 0 /mo

per venue

Up to 50 check-ins per month

Live chat support

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£ 195 /mo

per venue

Instant web + SMS check-in

COVID-19 exposure alerts

GDPR compliant

Fair use policy *

Live chat support

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* fair use policy applies with up to 2,000 check-ins included per month. Flexibility will be provided to small businesses.


per venue

All Starter plan features, plus...

Enterprise API integration

Advanced analytics

White label customisation

Email / phone support

FORTYEIGHT Certification

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