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Next-gen transparency
for facial recognition.

We help companies that use facial and image recognition technology to reduce regulatory risk, through transparency and auditability.


Innovative APIs that deliver realtime transparency for recognition systems.

Bringing your customers into the loop will increase their trust and confidence in you, while opening the door to powerful new data.


Face detection logging that enables real-time auditing and SAR fufilment.

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First-party validation of machine learning generated data observations.

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Near instant expansion of first-party observations formed by narrow AI.

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Interact with the first-party who you've observed to permission data in real-time.

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Introduce real-time transparency, in minutes.

Reduce risk, automate compliance and increase trust.


Notify us and we'll inform them.

We've built FortyEight to make it incredibly simple for businsses. Upload a list of your processed observations or connect directly to our API.

FortyEight makes transparency for intelligence systems, easy.
Seamless integration

Integration in just a few lines of code.

Our API was built by developers, for developers. Sending new recognition events to the Audit API is just as simple as event logging.

Create your account

Let us know your name, company and intended usecase and we'll issue an API key to get you started within minutes.

Start sending events

Our well documented RESTful API and Postman libraries will have you submitting recognition events in no time.

Ready to roll (out)

Once you've integrated with our API, it takes just a few clicks distribute the app to your customers and we'll handle the rest.

Scalable pricing

Pricing that makes transparency accessible for all.

FortyEight helps enable transparency in organisations of all sizes - from fast moving startups to multi-regional corporate enterprise.

£ 129 /mo

£0.03 per person observed/month

Mobile app distribution

Admin dashboard and alerts

Email support

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£ P.O.A

Unlimited API requests

Automated SAR handling

Mobile app distribution

Admin dashboard and alerts

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