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You observe, we inform.

Build trust and confidence in your use of next-gen technology, by informing the people you observe.


Audit API

Notify us each time you’ve made a new observation, and we’ll help inform the person you observed.

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Validation API

Request first-party validation for low confidence observations, to improve models and accuracy.

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Expansion API

Autonomously request new, or expanded data for an observed person, with real-time consent.

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Drive growth and sales

Drive growth and sales

Increasing trust in your products and services will drive adoption, leading to increased engagement and sales.

Reduce legal & regulatory risk

Reduce legal & regulatory risk

Transparency is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate legal and proportionate use of technology.

Increase trust & confidence

Increase trust & confidence

By informing those you've observed, you'll build trust and confidence in your business and it’s use of technology.


We make it easy to keep people informed, in real-time.

Each time a company notifies us of a new observation, we use our proprietary technology to inform the person observed and request any actions required by the company.


You, notify us.

It’s easy to notify us when you’ve made an observations by uploading a CSV to our dashboard or notifying our Enterprise API.


We, inform them.

We’ll match each notification with the relevant person and inform them using email, SMS and our progressive web app.


They, review and engage

Each validation or expansion request is displayed within the app, making it easy for each person to review and engage.

Our partners speak volumes about us

Innovate UK

Backed by the United Kingdom's innovation agency, to develop next-gen transparency technology.

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We’ve joined forces with Twilio to help make COVID-19 contract tracing real-time and more transparent.

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Partnering to provide real-time information systems, for the live music and events industry.

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It’s easy to use, let us show you.

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Putting information in people’s hands

Our extensible ecosystem makes it easy to notify us, wherever you observe.

Use Cases

Simple transparency, for smart technology

Keeping people informed about the observations you make is easy, whatever the technology.

COVID-19 Monitoring

COVID-19 Monitoring

Keeping people informed helps to maintain trust and confidence when conduting COVID-19 screening

Advertising Platforms

Advertising Platforms

Improve accuracy and reduce distrust in advertising by informing users each time you assign them to a segment.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Demonstrate proportionate and transparent use of facial recognition technology by informing those observed.

Smart Retail

Smart Retail

Increase engagement and reduce privacy concerns with smart mirrors by keeping people informed when you observe them.

Call Centers

Call Centers

Maintain trust while increasing the use of voice analytics and intelligent ERP software by keeping customers informed.

AI Assistants

AI Assistants

Increase engagement by informing people about new observations, so they feel confident sharing more.

Built for SME, Enterprise and Government

We make building trust through transparency, easy. Creating an account only takes a minute.

future transparency

Respect privacy, while protecting human rights.

We help people to understand the positive, and negative, impacts of technology. Learn more about the role you can play in protecting human rights by reading our blog.